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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?


21 Years of the town is the venue


Deveron projects!
Mark Stephen, BBC Radio Scotland
A celebration of Deveron Projects' 21st Birthday

A day of reflection, celebration and projection that brought artists, partners and community members together, across a range of venues in Huntly

To mark Deveron Projects coming of age, 21 Years of the Town is the Venue took on our motto by using as many venues as possible for one day on 3 December 2016. Events and activities took place throughout the day at the Farmers Market, the Square, Deveron Projects Office, Orbs community bookshop, Forbes Raeburn Butchers, Gordon Arms, The Bank Restaurant, Networks at No.11, Brander Library, Linden Centre and the OAP Hall. This captured the scope of our work which has brought over 85 artists, musicians and writers together with our various communities to work on over 100 different projects.

The day saw the official change of Deveron Arts to Deveron Projects and the preliminary launch of our new brochure that seeks to capture our vision. South African artist Jacques Coetzer worked to capture this while also engaging the community by reflecting on their values and response to Deveron Projects work through a series of banner making workshops at The Gordon Schools, and on the day at the Farmers Market. From this he instigated the town photo.


By taking stock we reflected on our position as a key player for socially engaged art in Scotland. Working with Anthony Schrag and David Harding, we held Praktika II. Praktika was a 3 day intensive workshop in 2008 which brought 12 artists together with David Harding, Rosie Gibson and Deveron Projects to consider, and raise the profile of, socially engaged art practice.

Praktika was also the first time we worked with Anthony, since he has done two projects with us, A Perfect Father Day and Lure of the Lost. Unlike the original Praktika this was just a two hour session, however rather than purely artists this workshop brought together a selection of artists, academics, community members and policy makers. In order to gain an insight from all parties involved in socially engaged projects. The workshop considered the “wicked problem”, as Anthony puts, it of socially engaged practice and how Deveron Projects can move forward.

The day also say the debut screening of Huntly Calling, a film in which Director Claudia Zeiske reconnects with over 70 artists who Deveron Projects has worked with over the years. Through a series of Skype interviews Claudia catches up with artists, reminiscing on past projects and memories of Huntly.

21 Years of the Town is the Venue celebrated the way that Deveron Arts has, and Deveron Projects will continue to bring people together through art, activities and an exploration of local and global issues.



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