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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

Cultural Health Worker

Art is, then, a genuinely human medium for revolutionary change in the sense of completing the transformation from a sick world to a healthy one. In my opinion only art is capable of doing it.

For two years Deveron Projects piloted the Cultural Health Worker role with artist Catrin Jeans, finishing in the summer of 2015. 

The Cultural Health Worker strived to nurture cultural health by working with the immediate social complexities of the local community, engaging individuals and groups in cultural activities that can influence their situation and hopefully empower them. At Deveron Projects we seen cultural health sitting alongside physical, mental and social health and contributing to the general wellbeing of a person, as well as that of a community.

As the Cultural Health Worker, Catrin used a methodology modelled on successful modes of engagement used by community health practitioners. These approaches included:

  • Cultural Health promotion - outreach to local community groups and schools, facilitating lectures, workshops and one-off expertise sessions.
  • Prescribing for preventive care - connecting with the local health centre in order to increase the public's access to cultural activity and sociability.
  • From cradle to grave - working with all ages but creating opportunities for them to come together over mutual interests.


In her time at Deveron Projects, Catrin built strong relations with individuals and the community in order to listen, support, and advise. She took a look at the broader picture, exploring in her time here 'what are the Cultural Health needs of the community and individuals of Huntly?'

Our audience and participation in Huntly, since the start of this post in July 2013 took a sharp rise in numbers; it also engaged entirely new participants in our events, in particular people from hard to reach groups, such as young mothers, older people, church goers, commuters and people with mental health issues.

Catrin is now in the process of gathering all her research together and compiling it into a document that will be available on the Deveron Projects website.