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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?
Walking from Ruthven to Huntly
red herring in the greenhouse
Red Herring Cows at Tesco
Fulton Huntly to Grouse Inn
Stefanie Bourne Feeding the Ground - composting2
Stefanie Bourne Feeding the Ground - composting
Eva Merz Retail
Beeson Potato Battery
Deveron Flood
red herring discussion
Skimmerin at Battlehill
Slow Down Fair


Environment, Slow Food and Fair Trade

Living and promoting a holistic lifestyle is important to us. As such we have launched a number of lifestyle and environmental related projects, such as Slow Down (addressing traffic issues), Red Herring (looking into counting the carbon footprint of our food chain) and our now annual Slow Marathon (begun in 2012 when an artist attempted to metaphorically walk from Africa to Huntly instead of travelling by plane).

We have also integrated environmental policies in our lifestyle and daily working life. As such, we compost our food leftovers and grow food for some of our Friday lunches in our garden. We use only unbleached, recycled paper, and in the office we print on both sides of the paper. We buy ecologically approved cleaning materials and fair trade goods such as coffee and tea, and are an active member of the local Fair Trade town set up.

Our office is largely furnished with second hand furniture from Huntly's charity shops or otherwise made by local tradesmen. Our artists have a contractual obligation to consider the reduction and disposal of any waste that might result from their artworks.