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The Town Is The Venue
Where is Deveron Projects? Where is Deveron Projects?
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Deveron Projects - Team at Greenmyres
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Our internships, traineeships and student placements

Deveron Projects has had over 60 interns joining our team since 2008
Training Programmes
Our training programmes provide opportunities for recent graduates, junior curators and individuals from other disciplines to gain valuable experience in working in socially engaged arts in a rural context, as well as giving them access to an extensive network of contacts to take forward into their careers. We also value the skills and experiences that people bring to our organisation on these programmes from all over the country and world.  In an economy where post graduate employment is rare, particularly in the arts, these training programmes provide a supportive, integrated and tailored period of work for those wishing to pursue careers in the cultural sectors. Deveron Projects is committed to provide ethical traineeships which are supportive and based on the learning needs of those who join the team. We offer accommodation and stipends to ensure nobody is disadvantaged to come and work with us.
Shadow Curator Traineeship
Based within the Shadow Curator methodology that was first developed by Curator Nuno Sacramento (PhD), Deveron Projects engages graduates to assist with curation and arts development. The Shadow Curator Traineeship is offered for a duration of six months. The position is suitable for people with a proven interest in developing a career in socially engaged / collaborative arts development and curating. Experience will be offered in all forms of curatorial development, arts administration and event organisation through training and opportunities for critical engagement. These internships are advertised annually.
Student Traineeship
This is suitable for students and recent graduates with an interest in working with artists in residence in the community context. Experience is offered in all forms of arts administration and facilitation, event organisation, budgeting/accountancy, marketing and project management. This position is normally offered on a three monthly basis. We pay a stipend of £50 and offer accommodation in a shared house. Please send us a CV and letter of interest (one page max.) if you are interested.
Erasmus Students Internship Programme
A programme for European students sponsored by Erasmus, which aims at bringing together internship providers and students seeking an internship opportunity in Britain. We offer this to students from a wide range of disciplines. Previous Erasmus interns came from the arts, accountancy, international politics, European Sociology and other areas of study. Students are offered free accommodation and are paid a stipend directly by Erasmus. Please contact us via Erasmus if you want to apply.
Work Placements/Volunteers
We also offer work placement and volunteering opportunities tailored around individuals’ ability and interest. This can range from placements for local school pupils to people wanting to gaining some work experience in the arts, community work or events management.
If you are a student or tutor in education and interested in working with us on credited work placements, please get in touch. 
Read on to find out about all our current and previous intern team members. You can also explore the reports from previous interns about their time working with us. 


Currently with us...

Najmeh Doostdar is a masters student of British studies at Humboldt university in Berlin. She comes from Iran and she is doing a three-month Erasmus internship here. She used to work as an English teacher and translator. Najmeh is curious about how a small community can be well-known internationally and work globally. She is also a good cook (she is doing a food chain on August 26) and loves travelling. 

Rhian Davies is a current undergraduate studying History of Art at the University of Leeds with an interest in socially orientated and collaborative art practices.  Coming from a small rural town in mid-Wales, she wanted to experience working with an organisation that offers creative opportunities for a local and rural community.  She is looking forward to helping out with different projects and exploring Huntly and its surroundings.

Past Interns

Mikaela Zotou is a postgraduate student of Film, Visual Culture and Arts Management at the University of Aberdeen and she comes from Athens, Greece. She first joined Deveron Projects in March for a month, where she did her work based placement, and she is currently doing a 2 month internship accompanied with a dissertation about Deveron Projects as an example of a socially engaged arts organisation in a rural context. She is interested in socially engaged art practice, political theatre and documentary practice and the scope of politically engaging people through art. You can find her intern report here.

Midori Dobashi is an exchange student from Japan and is studying Sociology at the University of Aberdeen. She joined Deveron Projects in June and she has been working closely with the Director. Her interests lies in how community and society in the rural context could be sustainable in the future. She enjoys life in Huntly and travelling around Scotland when she gets the time. You can find her intern report here.

Xavier Verger is currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in business administration in Lyon. He came to Deveron Project through the Erasmus exchange program for 3 months to assist with all aspect of current projects. Scotland is new to him and he very much enjoys discovering the countryside by walking its hills, castles trails and coastline.

Will Gore is a professional musician and politics graduate who came to Deveron Projects to learn how important messages can be communicated at a local level through socially engaged art. His first time in Scotland he’s been enjoying the countryside and using his free time to make his music. You can find his intern report here.

Zeynep Yildiz is an Information Specialist/Librarian, currently studying a Master’s Degree in Information and Documentation Management. As an Archivist, she is responsible for improving and updating our press archive and digital archive. She is passionate about philosophy and architecture and has an appreciation for rainbows. When not working, Zeynep enjoys doing puzzles, discovering new cultures, and planning for future dance courses. You can find her intern report here.

Natasha Natarajan completed the graduate traineeship from January - March 2019. A graduate of History, an experienced administrator and a freelance creative she was interested in finding her place and developing her skills in the sphere of community art. You can find her intern report here.

Lauren Campbell completed the graduate traineeship from September - December 2018 after graduating from Glasgow University with an Art History undergraduate degree. She is currently working at Deveron Projects as the People's Act Youth Worker, coordinating a project centred around democracy and young people in Huntly. Her intern report can be found here.

Laura Henry worked at Deveron Projects as the Project Intern from September - December 2018 after finishing an undergraduate degree in Art History at Edinburgh University. Amongst other things during her time at Deveron Projects, Laura initiated the online Brexit resource list. Laura's intern report can be found here.

Lauren Dixon joined us for the graduate traineeship from June - September 2018. She studied Fine Art at Gray's School of Art, with her practise focusing on politics and documentary. She can now be found at Edinburgh College of Art completing a postgraduate course in Contemporary Art Practise. Her intern report can be found here.

Clyde Williamson joined the Deveron Projects team as our Youth Intern during summer 2018. He managed the youth engagement project 'Meals & Movies'. Clyde is now working and studying, and his intern report is available to read here.

Lola Otta worked with us from March - May 2018. An Erasmus student from the Clermont-Ferrand University in European Politics in France, she has been involved in particular in our Walking Without Walls project, as well as the establishment of the Community Crockery. You can read her report here.

Alix Rothnie begun a project internship in October 2017, before moving on to become our first Town Collection Curator, tasked with managing and developing our collections. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with MSc Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating and Criticism and has an interest in participatory art, use of public space, collectivism and sustainable community. Alix is most at home walking the hills, with a camera, whilst reading and drinking black coffee. Her work can be seen here, read her report here.

Josephine Pierrel joined us at the beginning of December 2017 as a project intern. Previously a student in international economics, she has redirected herself towards local development. Having travelled and lived in different parts of the world, she is passionate about multiculturalism and believes that every person has something to teach, and learn. In France, she has worked as project coordinator and has animated an exchange of skills and services based on inhabitants’ proposals. If she had one thing to say, it would be: “(EM)Power to the People !” You can read her report here.

Sandra Messow joined us for a project internship from September 2017 and is studying for a MA British Studies at Humboldt-University Berlin. She has gained work experience in event organisation, project management and public relations in several organisations during the past seven years. Sandra has a weakness for everything Canadian, having lived and studied in Vancouver for a year during her Bachelor's. An eager and independent traveller, Sandra is especially interested in the connection between people, space, place and memory. You can read her report here.

Anna Reid worked as the Shadow Curator Intern from August until October 2017. After graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, she was invited to exhibit at the RSA New Contemporaries show in 2017. Her practice often has an element of collaboration with the community, and responds to social and cultural issues that they face. When she is not practicing art, Anna likes to run cross-country and dream about owning a hungarian vizsla. You can read her report here.

Georgina Watson completed the Project Internship during the summer between her 2nd and 3rd year studying for a BA in Fine Art at Lancaster University. Within her art practice she investigates walking and human interactions with nature. Whilst at University she has taken up a large role in the Ballroom Dancing society. It is through her art practice and work with the society that she developed a keen interest in collaborative arts projects and events. You can read her report here.

Alexandra Vlaserou started her Project Internship in April 2017. She is a graduated student of Finance and Accounting at Athens University of Economics  and Business. Her passion is theatre, and she spends most of her leisure time acting and co-writing as she is fundamental member of the theatrical organisation "A.NE.DH.A." She is also, board member of the ESN Athens AUEB - non profit organisation, where she is helping and organizing events for the Erasmus students. You can read her internship report here

Jemima Wilson has worked in socially engaged art since studying Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins, University of  Arts London, where she graduated with First Class Honours. She has facilitated creative projects for many community settings in London  for arts organisations and charities, such as Almeida Theatre, Magic Me, All Change and Croydon Council. Having grown up on a dairy    farm she wanted to escape London, breathe, walk and explore  her work in a small town and learn more about funding and programming.

Alice Bottoni took on the Erasmus Internship in February 2017 whilst in her final year studying Communication, Innovation and Multimedia at the University of Pavia, Italy. Books and communication are her deepest passions – she has a published novel and her short story Un Nome Che Inizia Per Erre was recently shortlisted for the literary award 'Premio Chiara Giovani 2016'. She writes for the webzine Kultural.

Alice Evans started the Project Internship in January 2017 and also completed the Shadow Curator Internship between May and July 2017. She is originally from mid-Wales and graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in Fine Art. Her art practice explores her interests in textiles, play and folk history. She has previously worked as a Learning Support Assistant at East Street Arts in Leeds and completed a placement in the art department at CBeebies in 2015. Images of her work can be found here; and here her report.

Anna Reid joined Deveron Projects in October 2016 as a Project Intern after studying at Duncan of Jordanstone, where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art. After spending two years volunteering as a youth worker at the Hot Chocolate Trust, she realised their sense of community was influencing her creative practice. From this point she began focusing on the importance of place and relationships using photography, both as an image and an object. You can see her work here. You can read her project report here.

Linda Bolsakova became a Project Intern shortly after graduating from Art and Philosophy course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Arts and Design. Her research and art practice explores our interconnection with the environment and our place within it. Find out more here. Read her report here.

Dominic O'Donnell is originally from Massachusetts, U.S.A, but grew up in a rural setting in Kippen, Stirlingshire. He graduated from University of Aberdeen in 2013 with an MA in History of Art, and is interested in how arts organisations operate. Dominic joined Deveron Projects as a Project Intern for two months, during February and March of 2016.  Dominic is curious about the manner in which art is valued, and the process through which creative endeavours are selected and supported. Read his report here

You Li (Yoyo) is originally from Chongqing, China. She joined Deveron Projects in December 2015, leaving Huntly at the end of January. Her diverse interests include playing classical and Chinese folk violin, and teaching and competing in Chen Style TaiChi, where she is an international golden medal winner. She graduated from University of Aberdeen with a MLitt in  Art and Business. Yoyo was interested in the potential for more cultural communication between artists in China and  Europe.

Sophie Lindsey began her internship in November 2015, moving to Huntly from her hometown Portsmouth, where she has been living for the past year. She graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA in Fine Art: Critical Practice in 2014 and has since continued to develop her arts practice through residencies and projects in Canada, Spain and Wales. Sophie is particularly interested in how specific contexts can influence and contribute to the interpretation of art. See her website here. Read her report here.

Peter Moosgaard  is an artist based in Vienna. He was Shadow Curator Intern in October 2015. Peter had worked as a radio journalist, janitor, teacher and publisher, undertook socially enganged art with Wochenklausur and is Co-founder of TRAUMAWIEN publishing and author of Turbogott. Since 2012, he has researched the Sacred Copy and contemporary Cargo Cults. Work at Deveron Projects included the White Wood Forum, Video Feedback & Presentation and gardening. While in Huntly he created a film featuring local participants.

Jeni Cumming was the Project Intern for autumn 2015. Jeni was also a Masters student at the University of Glasgow (Playwriting and Dramaturgy). While in Huntly she researched the Town Collection using game tactics. Anybody interested to be part of the project could simply pick a random number between 1-54 and email it to her or alternatively come into the office and pick from her home-made Town Collecting cards!

Rachael Disbury was Shadow Curator Intern until September 2015, working on the project Lure of the Lost, and now works full time for Deveron Projects. Sometimes-artist, writer, curator and hopeful explorer, Rachael completed her MFA in Contemporary Art Theory at the Edinburgh College of Art. More information (often rambling) can be found here

Juliette Walker was our Project Intern during the summer of 2015. After graduating from Pomona College with a BA in Visual Art, she moved to Swtizerland for year, and then briefly back to her hometown Madison, Wisconsin, before heading to Huntly. As an avid traveller, walker, artist, ceramicist, and pie baker, she is always on the go and always looking for adventure! Her art can be found here. Read her internship report here.

Katriona Anderson started work experience with Deveron Projects in October 2014 and after leaving Milne’s High School in May 2015 she was offered a 3 month internship. She went on to study Events Management and has an interest in making her own jewellery, graphic design and dance. You can read her placement report here.

Tom Atkinson was our Digital Intern. He was involved in the daily maintenance of Deveron Art's hardware and software. Tom has an interest in computer programming and is studying software engineering at Edinburgh Napier University.

Alice Maselnikova  was a Project Intern. Self-titled interactive artist and word-knitter, she has a penchant for all sorts of curious things including participatory art, books, hula-hooping and traveling. Alice graduated with BA(Hons) in Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practice from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2014 and began a Masters in Curating in 2015. While at Deveron Projects, she worked on the Oaks and Amity project. Have a look at her website here.

Lindsay McMillan finished her Project Internship in early 2015. Recently relocated from London to Huntly, where she graduated from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, with a BA in Fine Art, her interests lie in the fields of art education, the relationship between art and life, and linguistics. Read her report here.

Riccardo Mariani, from Cesano Maderno, was a Project Intern for two months in 2014. He graduated from Università degli Studi di Milano with a BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation in July 2013, focusing on English and Arabic. With a passion for language and communication, he has travelled around Tunisia and Egypt.

Joss Allen was Shadow Curator Intern for the latter half of 2014 and he now works full time at Deveron Projects. He is a reluctant artist, art worker, casual record collector, occasional fire jumper and part-time tree climber. Joss graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2011 with an MFA and since graduating has lived in London and Copenhagen.  Almost nothing about his work can be found here. Read Joss's report here.

Aminder Virdee was one of our Project Interns in Summer 2014. In 2012, Aminder graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA Hons in Fine Art and is now a practicing artist. She assisted with the 2014 Slow Marathon, and also worked with us for the MacKay of Uganda, Perambulator and Rhynie Woman projects. Her own website can be found here. Read Aminder's report here.

Katie Carlisle, from Glasgow, was one of our Project Interns for two weeks at the start of May 2014. Katie graduated in 2013 from Glasgow School of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art. She worked with us for the Slow Marathon, Mackay of Uganda and Perambulator projects. Her own website can be found here.

Camila Crosta was our Shadow Curator Intern from Padua, Italy since November 2013 - May 2014. Camila came to Britain after completing a Masters in Art History at Venice University. She has been working at Deveron Projects on projects such as Hielan' Way, Slow Marathon, MacKay of Uganda and Rhynie Woman. Read Camilla's report here.

Alexander "Twig" Champion was our Shadow Curator Intern and Walking Intern from East Lothian, Scotland. After Studying Sculpture at Gray's School of Art, Twig worked for us from October 2013 to April 2014. He was heavily involved in the Hielan' Project. Read his report here.

Katie Johnston was our intern for the month of December 2013. She helped in all the events over the festive rush. She returned to Glasgow to continue her study in Environmental Sculpture at GSA.

Christiane Bernhardt studied Art History in Stuttgart, Germany, and was our Walking Intern from July to November 2013. During these months, she worked with us on the Room to Roam festival and the Lines Lost project, among other projects. You can read her report here.

Morgan Cahn came from Dundee in summer 2013. During her time at Deveron Projects, Morgan helped with the Room to Roam festival whilst also concentrating on developing our social network. Her own website can be found here.

Ioannis Tsagkarakis was our Walking Institute Intern in summer 2013 funded via the Adopt an Intern programme. Ioannis is from Crete and holds a BA Hons in Business Administration from the University of Patras in Greece. He also completed an MSc in International Festival and Event Management at Napier University in Edinburgh. Ioannis is now pursuing a career in events management, and is also in the process of setting up Citrus Art in his home town of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, based on the methodology of Deveron Projects' Town is the Venue.

Annika Goedde was our intern in spring 2013, joining us from Bottrop in Germany. She studied European Culture and Economy at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany and has worked in a wide variety of arts organisations. While in Huntly, she worked n the Fernweh project with Mary Jane Jacob and other curators; you can read her report here.

Laura Johnson was our Apprentice for 8 months. She grew up in Verona, Italy with English parents. She studied Communications, Media & Culture combined with Spanish at Oxford Brookes University and has extensive experience in the field of dance and performance. She is a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and later worked in Uist for Ceolas as part as the project "get Scotland dancing" funded by Creative Scotland.

Simba Leung was our first Intern for the Walks of Life Project. Simba is from Hong Kong where he worked at the Bank of Hong Kong. He was exploring Europe and stopped in Huntly to help us out for a month on the With and Against the Flow project.

Anthony Elliott shared the Project and Shadow Curator intern positions between January and March 2013. Anthony studied International Relations and Anthropology at the University of Sussex and co-organised 'Civil Partnerships', a conference on Feminist and Queer perspectives in the arts. Anthony is ultimately working towards a curatorial vocation which combines the fields of Art, Culture, Heritage and International development. Read his report here.

Elisabetta Rattalino was our Shadow Curator Intern from October 2012 - March 2013. Elisabetta hails from Northern Italy and previously worked as a developer and coordinator at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy, she has a masters degree in Art History. Elisabetta frequently delighted the DA team and visitors with her Italian cooking, as well as supporting artists Simon Preston, Michael Höpfner and Nancy Mteki on their projects. She looked after the Town Collection for the duration of her stay. She went on to St Andrews University combining working as a Phd Student in Art History and a research project for Cittadellarte in Italy. Read her report here.

Rachel Walker was our Project Intern in winter 2012. Rachel studied Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and previously worked as the chairperson at Generator Projects. Rachel is interested in socially engaged art in a rural context and supported Simon Preston on his Town is the Menu project. Rachel went on to be the International Programmer for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Read her report here.

Kevin McPhee was our Shadow Curator Intern between April and August 2012, working mainly on the Town Collection as well as on the Sambasupercollider and Rites of Way projects.

Kirsty Gifford was our Project Intern in summer 2012. Kirsty graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and worked on a variety of different office and curatorial projects, such as Rites of Way. Read her report here.

Niall Crossan was our Project Intern in spring/summer 2012. Niall studied Product Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and was designer in residence at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. Niall advised us on all aspects of marketing and design.

Katy Bartholomew was our Project Intern in spring 2012. She studied English Literature in Edinburgh before she moved to Huntly to assist with Mihret Kebede's Slow Marathon project. Katy is a keen baker, and set up a fictional cafe with Kate Wieteska.

Kate Wieteska was Project Intern in autumn 2011. Kate studied Art History at Edinburgh University and has been a great asset to us during the project with Priya Ravish Mehra. She has since established the Huntly Craft circle and worked on our new website.

Duncan Bremner was our Shadow Curator Intern from autumn 2011 to spring 2012. Duncan had undertaken several projects as a freelance curator before he joined our team at Deveron Projects. Duncan is Executive Director of Citizen Curator in Edinburgh. Read his report here.

Blane Johnson was Project Intern in summer 2011. Born in Bellshill and raised in Huntly, Blane graduated from Textile and Surface Design at Gray's School of Art in 2011, where her final project explored military fashion;  a perfect accompaniment to Ross Sinclair's Heritage project on the Gordon clan. Read her report here.

Gayle Meikle was our third Shadow Curator Intern.  She studied at both undergraduate and post graduate levels in the school of Media Arts and Imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.  She is co-founder of curatorial collective Yuck 'n Yum and is a filmmaker, visual artist and events curator. She went on to North Uist working as Assistant Curator to Broad Reach, An ATLAS Arts project for Taigh Chearsabhag. Read her report here.

Erik Smith was our Project Intern at the start of the summer 2011. Born in Glasgow and raised in Cumbernauld, he studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art where he developed his creative practice as an artist and flanuer.  He helped Anthony Schrag throughout his project on defining fatherhood.

Claire Briegel was here from January to March 2011. She hails from Cheltenham and studied Criticism, English Literature and Philosophy at Cardiff University. She worked on projects with Baudouin Mouanda which was beneficial as she speaks excellent French. She is now a workshop facilitator for Skill Share Dundee, and doing a part-time MFA at Duncan of Jordanstone. You can read Claire's report here.

Stefanie Ford was our second Shadow Curator Intern. Stefanie comes from Canada, and has recently completed a Masters of Fine Art at the National University of Ireland in Galway. She developed outreach and education programmes, assisted our resident artists with project development, organised the archive and library and edited various publications. You can read her report here.

Dane Sutherland was Project Intern from September to Christmas 2010. He studied Art History at University of Aberdeen. While with us he got into the nitty-gritty of accounting and reporting. He helped with Maider López's project How Do You Live This Place? from painting stones to setting up the event, to evaluating the dots on the maps. Read his report here.

Keno Canzler was Project Intern during the summer of 2010. Keno comes from Berlin and hopes to study Economics in the future. During his stay he undertook a myriad of administrative tasks, to include the rejigging of our Facebook image bank and setting up the vegetable swap shop for the project Red Herring. Afterwards he returned to Berlin to finish school and started studying economics at Leuphana Uni in Luneburg. He was elected as head of Students' Snion Executive Committee in Luneburg. He spent 6 months in Istanbul enriching his life by experiencing the great culture, enormous dynamics in society and politics of the place.

Ben Jones was our first Shadow Curator Intern. During his stay from April to September 2010 he undertook the re-curation of our town collection which is now hanging in around 60 places throughout Huntly. He also worked on the Hamish Fulton project, book and archive and the Red Herring project and blog.  You can read his report here.

Sarah Rumis graduated from Sunderland University and stayed with us from April to July 2010 as Project Intern. During her time she helped with the accounts, took on our Facebook correspondence and gave the archive an overhaul.

Niall Ferguson accompanied David Sherry’s project Health and Safety Effects from January to March 2010 as Project Intern. Niall is an IT wiz and, even better, he loves cooking and baking. We quickly made use of these skills so that he was responsible for the website and our social networking activities, while the weekly banana cakes fuelled the team meetings. Originally Niall studied Microbiology at Glasgow University, but with a keen interest in film and the music scene he is looking for more experience in the arts world.

Ting Fang Hsueh (Meigo) is from Taiwan and graduated from the Master of Design course at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. She worked alongside the Utopia Group (Deng Dafei and He Hai) on the James Legge project and assisted workshops, event organising and advertising. Ting Fang also assisted with the Money Crunch and James Legge project designs. She was Shadow Curator Intern between July and December 2009. After this assisted in the making of a few Deveron Projects publications with the artists.Then she went back to Taipei, Taiwan, to work as Marketing sales, PR and special assistant for General Manager of her family's wine business.

Suzanne Tsang had just graduated from the internationally acclaimed Product Design course at the University of Dundee when she started as our Project Intern. While she was here, from October to December 2009, she helped us update our website and brought us into the world of social networking. 

Lin Pan comes from Beijing. She is currently undertaking a PhD on the great Huntly sinologist James Legge. While in Huntly from August to September 2009, she gave Chinese Language and Cookery lessons. 

Ashley Branston graduated from Dundee's Duncan of Jordanston School of Art in 2006. He then returned to his home town of Huntly to join our small but busy team with the Slow Down preparations. He helped us with the Capital Development of the Brander Studio where we are based. He later worked in Berlin at Studio Babelsberg as senior camera operator for ESGNTV.

Allen Breen, originally from Paisley, studied Environmental Art in Glasgow. He was with us from April to June 2009 and was assisting Jacqueline Donachie with her Slow Down project. He has set up the project website; edited a video of the Richard Demarco talk on Joseph Beuys and orchestrated a stall on the farmer's market interviewing people about their cycling habits and dreams. He went on to work for a design company.

Tonia Lu is from China and studied Museum Studies at Leicester University. Tonia was with us from January to May 2009 during which time she helped with the marketing and design for the JONGA project with Senzeni Marasela. She also did sterling work on the archive which is now available for everybody to use. She prepared theJames Legge project with the Utopia group and left us prematurely as she got a curatorial position with Fife Contemporary Arts and Crafts in St Andrews. She has been worked for Spring Fling and led the national (Glasgow - Newcastle - London) and regional exhibitions. She also became involved in Environmental Art Festival Scotland as a member of the core curatorial and production team as well as working on her PhD in arts development in rural Scotland.

Kimberley Anderson comes from Belarette in Australia and studied Fine Art in Dundee. She came here from October 2008 to January 2009, during which time she brought the archive of Deveron Projects up to scratch. She also painted the new room (thanks Kim!) and discovered a number of archaeological features referring to former residents and decorators of the premises. Since then Kim managed to get two great new residency opportunities as far apart as Australia and Rome.

Anna Insa Vermehren is from Kiel, Germany and studied History of Art at Glasgow University. She was an Intern here from September to December 2008; during this time she worked on our website and developed proposals for our new premises in the Brander building. Since then Anna moved to Huntly and worked for Deveron Projects as Project Manager until May 2012 when she went on to be the Director of Timespan in Helmsdale.

Catrin Jeans is from Girvan and studied Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. Catrin came here for a month after art school in August 2008. During this time she worked on a magazine entitled CAKE which explored the artistic boundaries of the concept 'outwith'. Catrin has gone on to establish herself as a socially engaged artist and later worked as Cultural Health Visitor for Deveron Projects.

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