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Deveron Projects

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What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?
Team Photo - Greenhouse 2018
Deveron Projects - Claudia
Deveron Projects - Cone Heads
Deveron Projects - Camille
Team Photo - happy birthday May
Deveron Projects - Team at Greenmyres
Team lunch on grass 2018
Greenhouse photo


New opportunities to join the Deveron Projects team

/ Post-doc - Innovation Placement
An opportunity for collaborating with us on a mutually benefiting research programme has become available through funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It is open to doctoral researchers who have recently, or are about to submit their thesis. We are inviting applications from AHRC funded doctoral researchers to work with us on a project between six and eight months. More information can be found on the Scottish Graduate School website. Please contact Claudia if you wish to discuss the opportunities with Deveron Projects:

/Training Programmes

Our training programmes provide opportunities for recent graduates, junior curators and individuals from other disciplines to gain valuable experience in working in socially engaged arts in a rural context, as well as giving them access to an extensive network of contacts to take forward into their careers. We also value the skills and experiences that people bring to our organisation on these programmes from all over the country and world.  In an economy where post graduate employment is rare, particularly in the arts, these training programmes provide a supportive, integrated and tailored period of work for those wishing to pursue careers in the cultural sectors. Deveron Projects is committed to provide ethical traineeships which are supportive and based on the learning needs of those who join the team. We offer accommodation and stipends to ensure nobody is disadvantaged to come and work with us.

/Student Traineeship

This is suitable for students and recent graduates with an interest in working with artists in residence in the community context. Experience is offered in all forms of arts administration and facilitation, event organisation, budgeting/accountancy, marketing and project management. This position is normally offered on a three monthly basis. We pay a stipend of £50 and offer accommodation in a shared house. Please send us a CV and letter of interest (one page max.) if you are interested.

/Erasmus Students Internship Programme

A programme for European students sponsored by Erasmus, which aims at bringing together internship providers and students seeking an internship opportunity in Britain. We offer this to students from a wide range of disciplines. Previous Erasmus interns came from the arts, accountancy, international politics, European Sociology and other areas of study. Students are offered free accommodation and are paid a stipend directly by Erasmus. Please contact us via Erasmus if you want to apply.

/ Project Internship
Excellent development opportunity for recent graduates with an interest in the operations of a contemporary arts organisation. You can also download the job description or contact us for more information. 

You can read about past interns and their reports here.

Work Placements/Volunteers

We also offer work placement and volunteering opportunities tailored around individuals’ ability and interest. This can range from placements for local school pupils to people wanting to gaining some work experience in the arts, community work or events management.

If you are a student or tutor in education and interested in working with us on credited work placements, please get in touch

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