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The Town Is The Venue
Where is Deveron Projects? Where is Deveron Projects?
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Thinkers in Residence and other resources

Blake Morris, Ph.D, specialises in walking as an artistic medium outside of performance, read more about his practice here. He stayed with us in April 2018.

Matluba Khan, Ph.D, joined Deveron Projects to focus on children’s perception of aesthetics - 'their preferences, likes and dislikes - both in relation to their school landscape and neighbourhood open spaces'. Follow her blog here.

Katerina Talianni is a Ph.D candidate in Music at Edinburgh College of Art. Her research, entitled Walking-with-sound: sound, space and movement, explores soundmaps and their impact on audiences’ engagement through walking and listening. Listen to her situation composition work here.

Dee Heddon is a Professor of Contemporary Performance at the University of Glasgow. She is the author of Autobiography and Performance and co-author of Devising Performance. Hear Dee discuss her work here.

Documents, podcasts, articles and essays

Blake Morris, ‘Hamish Fulton and Deveron Arts: Walking as a Transversal Tool’ Of the Earth, 2014, University of Plymouth, Plymouth.

Rachael Disbury, Fragile Affinities – (Re)Strengthening International Artistic Collaboration, November 2017, Berlin. 

Claudia Zeiske article in: Gesa Stedman and Sandra van Lente, editors, 'It's not just the economy stupid!' Brexit and the Cultural Sector, 2017, Literary Field Kaleidoscope and the Centre for British Studies. 

Claudia Zeiske, The Town is the Venue: Art, Community and Place in Territories and Practices in Process, 2011, Revista Mesa. 

Nuno Sacramento and Claudia Zeiske, ARTocracy: Art, Informal Space and Social Consequence, 2010, Jovis, Berlin.

Alan MacPherson, Art – Trees – Walking – Rocks: Deep Time Enchantment in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, 2016, Lecturer at University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen. 

Jan Patience in conversation with Claudia Zeiske, Anna Francis, Rebecca Davies, Rachel Ashton, Kari Adams and the MOTI Collective. The Work of Art: Rural Communities. The Work of Art is produced by the National Galleries of Scotland and Gill Davies, and presented by Jan Patience. The series was produced to coincide with A New Era | Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2018.

Stephanie Benzies, I Am The Earth I Walk On portfolio and complimentary blog, 2018, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.

Lee Hentze, Pilgrims film portfolio, 2018, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.