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Slow Marathon 2015
Slow Marathon 2015 - Refreshment
Slow Marathon 2015 - On the road
Slow Marathon 2015 - Winners
Slow Marathon 2015 - Lassies
Slow Marathon 2015 - Decision Making
Slow Marathon 2015 - Ticket Inspector
Slow Marathon 2015 - Setting-Off
Slow Marathon 2015 - Smart Stretch 2

Slow Marathon 2015: Portsoy - Huntly

A 26 mile route tracing the former Portsoy to Huntly railway line

"Pure waukin' aboot lookin' at the aul' railway" - Slow Marathoner

The fourth edition of the Slow Marathon took place along the former railway route from Portsoy to Huntly and was created by artist Stuart McAdam following his Lines Lost project. Stuart spent the summer of 2013 exploring the old railway line – which closed following the findings of the notorious Beeching report in 1963 – walking up and down its length, unearthing old stories and creating new ones along the way. We thought it only fitting to use his new found knowledge of the area to help us create the 2015 Slow Marathon route. 

The 26 mile walk began at the harbour in Portsoy, following the track bed of the old railway as far as Cairnie junction before following the Deveron river back into Huntly. Along the route we passed, rail enthusiasts favourite, Tillynaught Junction; the former Cornhill station;  a mysterious ghost train; some very expensive sheep; had a cheeky wee dram at Knock Distillery; and some very generous hospitality at various spots along the way. 


The first super-fast marathoners arrived at the finish line in Deveron Projects’ office just before 4pm. The slowest team, who, in this case, are the winners, took slightly over 12 hours to complete the route and arrived after 8pm. The finish line was ready to welcome the tired walkers with an abundance of food by Rhynie Women, post-marathon SMart Stretching, and hot water foot baths to relax & rewind.

The event was accompanied by Pathmakers’ Gathering on Sunday 26th April, a series of talks, a discussion and food held in local Huntly’s Cricket Club.

The Slow Marathon celebrates the human pace. It is both an endurance event, attracting walkers from all walks of life, and a poetic act, bringing art and walking together. It is now an annual event, originating in 2012 when the first Slow Marathon was planned by Ethiopian artist Mihret Kebede.

Slow Marathon 2015 route 
Slow Marathon 2015 map 1 + 2

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