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Deveron Projects

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Where is Deveron Projects? Where is Deveron Projects?
Slow Marathon 2016 - People crossing the birdge
Slow Marathon 2016 - Ladies whisky cheering
Slow Marathon 2016 - Tessa drinking whisky
Slow Marathon 2016 - Taiji stretching
Slow Marathon 2016 - Omar Afif
Slow Marathon 2016 - People under the bridge
Slow Marathon 2016 - Muddy trainers
Slow Marathon 2016 - Biscuit box
Slow Marathon 2016 - A line of people
Slow Marathon 2016 - People on the road
Slow Marathon 2016 - Ladies eating

Slow Marathon 2016: Along the River Deveron

A 26 mile route with and against the flow of the River Deveron

Slow Marathon 2016 is a 26 mile/42 km walk along the River Deveron. The route is inspired by artist Anne Murray and musician Jake Williams through the With and Against the Flow project.

Rivers have always proved to be magnets for people, particularly walkers using banks as a resting point or place of reflection. Rivers cross borders and shape cultural landscapes, fulfilling a special role in tradition, history and art. Nowhere else is the species' richness as large as on the waterfront, with rivers being carriers of myths and legends. Lifelines for people and nature: rivers and their natural floodplains provide diverse habitats for many plant and animal species and are centres of biodiversity. Through trade and transport routes, rivers have always allowed access to the outside world. We use them for industrial production, for electricity generation, for cleansing and for leisure. As such, they are often regulated, straightened and dammed. Excessive use of rivers has endangered their operation, seen in recent times in our and other parts of the world.

The discussion on rivers on Sunday 17 April, Pathmaker's Gathering: River Talks, will reflect our use of water, and the shaping of landscape and culture for walkers and others.