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What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

David Sherry

Health and Safety Effects


A is for America: America started it all
David Sherry: A-Z of Health and Safety
A wry look at Health an safety policies in our lives

David Sherry came to Huntly from Northern Ireland, with his wife Laura and son Peter in winter 2010.

Health and safety concerns impact on us all. They affect the way we live, work and interact with increasing authority. Initially developed to facilitate the safe execution of commonplace activities such as going to school, to work or taking part in leisure pursuits, all areas are affected by health and safety regulations today.

During his residency David took a wry look at health and safety and how the issue affects our lives. Illuminating some of the associated facts and myths, he asked the question, 'to what extent have these public safety concerns started to regulate our choices as individuals?'


David Sherry’s work explores the routines and thought patterns of everyday life, looking at what lies beneath the surface. His practice (both visual art and performance) has an unsettling, and often darkly humourous way of undermining the expected codes and structures of behaviour and social decorum. In order to find out what the issues were, David met a diverse group of people such as janitors, business professionals, teachers, hoteliers, oil rig workers, health and safety officers and other Huntly residents. He also undertook a Risk Assessment Course and proudly passed the exam so that he was able to assess his own project. While in Huntly David set up the Out of Date Society, which invited guest speakers like Beagles & Ramsey and conducted a series of psychological tests, produced an A-Z of health and safety and undertook a public risk assessed haircut.

Ill Fated Fête: a risk assessed event which took place over two days and was the culmination of David's exploration of safety-conscious culture. It included exhibitions, discussions, lectures and performances, in collaboration with Anthony Schrag (who was awarded a Royal Scottish Academy residency), Neil Mulholland and Now Now artist group (who organised a risk assessed ceilidh). A panel discussion was conducted which brought together local hotelier Rebecca Cruickshank, Health and Safety Officer Liz Standen and a special guest, the comedian Phil Kay.

Shadow Curator: Katie Nicoll worked with Deveron Projects in the role of Shadow Producer on Health and Safety Effects, which was supported through Nicoll's independant Producers Bursary from the Scottish Arts Council.

Shadow CuratorKatie Nicoll


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