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The Town Is The Venue
What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

21 Years of The Town is the Venue

Sat 3 Dec, from 9am, Huntly

ARTocracy in the Making

Deveron Arts is coming of age! We will be celebrating our 21st Birthday, looking back and looking forward. Working in Huntly since 1995 through the town is the venue mantra, we have brought some 85 artists, musicians and writers together with our various communities to work on over 100 different projects. Huntly has been our research site, studio, gallery, stage and home over these years and, following an extensive reflection process, this occasion will allow us to take stock of the past whilst presenting our plans for the future.

The town is the venue day will start with the Farmers Market where Jacques Coetzer, the creator of our Room to Roam brand will be making banners for the town photo shoot.
Throughout the day, there will be talks, walks, food tastings, film screenings and other events to explore our town and past and present projects. Take a look at the schedule and join the celebration!

9.00am - 1.00pm Huntly Square
ARTocracy Banner Making with Jacques Coetzer
Town Collection maps for Huntly's art trail
Market stallholders offering fresh produce and Christmas gifts
Huntly Singers performing Room to Roam and carols
Try out mulled wine, Huntly sausage and whisky from local shops
Publications and Archive on display in DA Office
Claudia Zeiske exhibition of Walking Lunches at Brander Building foyer
The Caravan Gallery exhibition of Pride of Place at Networks at No.11
Exhibition of Peace Flags at Bank Restaurant with Town is the Menu cake
Performance of Babel by Caroline Wendling and others

12.00pm Town Community Photo Shoot

Everybody welcome! Dress colourful and bring your children, prams, grannies, dogs and budgies.  Kilt wearers will get a present from the lucky dip!

10.30am and 2.00pm
 Town Collection Tour (1 hr / 20 Places)
1.00pm Energy Walk from Huntly Community Turbine with Andrea Geile (2 hrs / 10 places) 
3.00pm Historical Town Tour with Patrick Scott (1 hr / 20 Places)
All Day Huntly Castle (£5.50 adult ticket)

Artist Talks, Orbs Bookshop
 Stuart McAdam, Lines Lost
1.40pm Ross Sinclair, Gordons of Huntly
2.20pm Caroline Wendling, Flags for Peace
3.00pm Chris Teasdale, The Caravan Gallery

Screenings, DA Office
All Day
 DA Artists Skype
10.00am Room to Roam and talk by Jacques Coetzer
11.00am Lure of the Lost and talk by Anthony Schrag
1.00pm Dudendance Films and talk
2.00pm Music For Streetfights 
2.30pm  Lure of the Lost

Screening, Linden Centre
4.00pm White Wood Story, followed by craft session. Make your own White Wood costume.


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