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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Apple Day Picnic

Sun 21 October, Community Orchard, Meadows

A celebration of an important and versatile fruit

Could the apple be a symbol for what is being lost in many of our lives, such a local traditions, and rich and diverse landscapes? Could a local orchard be a fruitful place in which to begin to rethink the division between nature and culture?

Join us for a picnic to celebrate Apple Day — first launched in 1990 by Common Ground as a nationwide celebration and an attempt to establish a new tradition that fostered pride and interest in local distinctiveness. We will have delicious apple themed food, storytelling with Grace Banks, and some apple games. It is also a chance to hear and discuss our plans for the Community Orchard. 

Very family friendly / free to attend but please let us know if you are coming


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