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Artist Talk and Walk - Stuart McAdam

18 June, 7pm Empty Shop, 24 Bogie Street, Huntly

Meet and walk with Stuart McAdam and learn about his project Lost Lines

Marking 50 years since Beeching decimated the British railway system, artist Stuart McAdam is to trace the remains of branch lines closed as a consequence of "The Reshaping of British Railways" report. Commissioned by Deveron Arts as part of its Walking Institute initiative, Stuart's project, Lost Lines, will see him reawaken routes that have been subsumed into the landscape, remain as ghostly traces of lines that once linked communities or have been given a new purpose in the last 50 years. He will interrogate the historical, cultural and contemporary resonances of these routes through a series of documented walks.

Meet and walk with Stuart and learn about his past nomadic journeys and walking as a methodology for art production as well as his new Lines Lost commission.

We will meet at the Empty shop on Bogie street and have a walk from there stopping for his talk at a secret location. If the weather is not suitable then the talk will be held in the shop.

Learn more about Stuart's project here.

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