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Ancient Rhynie with Aidan O' Rourke and Gordon Noble: Walk, talk and music

Sat 21 Feb, start Rhynie Square 10.30 am

Visiting ancient sites around Rhynie

Fiddler and composer Aidan O' Rourke and Archaeologist Gordon Noble will be leading a walk around the ancient neolithic and pictish sites close to Rhynie. The walk will last 5 hours. Walking boots and water proofs needed; see below. In the event of snow you can borrow snow shoes from us.

After the walk, Aidan will be discussing his work with Gordon, which is investigating landuse from ancient to contemporary times through musical interpretation. Venue: Gordon Arms Hotel in Rhynie. 

This will be followed by a concert and ceilidh at the Gordon Arms Hotel, Rhynie. Bring your instruments and dancing shoes. Food will be provided by Rhynie Woman.

Car sharing can be arranged from Huntly. Meet 10am Huntly Square. or 10.30am Rhynie Square. 

Talk, food and Music only Option

If you prefer to skip the walk, meet at Gordon Arms in Rhynie at 4pm. Join us for the talk, food, concert and ceilidh.

Book here.

Essential items for the walk:

  • good shoes and socks (we recommend light walking boots or sturdy trainers)
  • backpack
  • enough drink/water for the day
  • enough food for the day (we recommend a packed lunch and some chocolate or other energy food)
  • waterproofs, hat, gloves (we are in Scotland!)
  • No jeans


  • OS map
  • compass, GPS (for your own safety)
  • sun cream (you never know)
  • torch (just in case)
  • blister plaster (you never know)
  • phone (for your own safety or to tell your friends how well you are doing)
  • camera (to capture the great Aberdeenshire views)
  • gaiters (mud en route)
  • walking poles

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