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What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?

August Farmer's Market

Sat 4 Aug, 9am-1pm, Huntly Town Square

Come see us in the square!

We live in a jamocracy!

Jam: a jumble of berries, sugar, and labour which collectively form a delicious produce.
Democracy: a political system which takes into consideration the opinions and views of the individuals who live within it.

These two concepts are not too far apart from one another, so let's bring them together! At the Farmer's Market this month, we invite you to throw your own berries into to mix of our community-created jam (with pots to take home). We'll also be discussing democratic processes and recent political expeditions - we'd love to hear your say. Our team will be in session (in both jam and parliamentary senses) from 9 til 1 in the square, so come get involved!

Any donations of glass jars welcome, drop into Deveron Projects or bring on the day! Any extra jam will be going to the Town is the Garden No. 8 swap shop on Castle Street.

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