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Caminhada Silenciosa (Silent Walk)

11 November, 3 pm, MAC NiterĂ³i, Brazil

A seaside walk along Rio de Janeiro's coast led by Vivian Caccuri

This Silent Walk led by artist Vivian Caccuri at Niterói's coast is a four-hour route along the seaside path between the Museu of Contemporary Art of Niteroi and Jurujuba, a traditional fishing neighbourhood of the city. A group of twenty people will walk under a vow of silence along the beaches, squares, halls, decks and private spaces, meeting unexpected situations, special acoustic impressions and improvised urban conditions that foster perceptions of noise and images of the city. By the end of the walk, participants will gather for a meal in Jurujuba to talk again.

Organised by the Walking Institute of Deveron Arts in collaboration with Instituto MESA and MAC Niterói.

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