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The Town Is The Venue
How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Celia y Yunior Artist's Talk

1 May, 7pm Empty Shop, 24 Bogie Street, Huntly

Cuban artists Celia y Yunior are in Huntly for their project Faceloop

Celia y Yunior are two artists from Havana in Cuba, who have previously collaborated on projects that draw attention to the gaps in law and administration. 

In Huntly, Celia y Yunior's project will look at the social networks of the town, creating a real social network, contrasting with the popular virtual social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Bringing their Cuban conviviality to the cooler climes of Huntly, they will walk between friends' houses offering drinks in return for a chat and an introduction to more friends.

For more information visit Celia y Yunior's artist page.

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