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Communities from Below

Sat 21 July, 10am - 2pm, 8 Castle Street

A workshop on the importance of soil

Human society depends upon a healthy soil for its existence, yet we seem to treat it with such disdain. We have fallen out of culture with the land, and so to the soil. Many reports have been published in the last decade claiming that we have in the region of 60 - 100 years left before soil erosion and degradation leave us unable to grow any crops at all. And it is not just us humans who depend upon it for survival, it is a situation that has global, multi-species implications.  We need to revalue our relationship with the soil, bring it back into our culture and start caring about its health as much as we care about our own. 

Communities From Below is a workshop exploring the importance of soil, how central it is to our lives and what we can begin to do to help care for it.


Talk by soil scientist Matt Aitkenhead (Hutton Institute) on the importance of soil.
Visit to the community composting site to learn about composting.
Soil testing and mapping. Bring a sample of your soil to test. 

Booking essential / free

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