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What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?

The Way to Venice

Thur 30 & Fri 31 July, Edinburgh

Talk on the value of art festivals/Walk to Rosslyn Chapel

The Way to Venice Talk: Thurs 30 July, 4pm
St Patrick's Church: 40, High Street, Edinburgh
Free event. Booking is advised.

Contemporary Pilgrimage Walk with Andrea GeileFri 31 July, start: 10am (ca 4-5 hours). 
St Anthony's Chapel Ruins, Queens Drive, Holyrood Park (Bus 113 to Meadowbank station from Princes St (PN) towards Pencaitland) to Rosslyn Chapel (return by bus). Bring packed lunch.
Tickets: £5 including map 

The Way to Venice introduces a talking-walking discourse on the value of international art festivals, in particular the Venice Biennale. 

In his newest work commissioned by Deveron Arts, Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage, artist Anthony Schrag is walking from Huntly, Scotland to Venice, Italy this summer. The walk started in June and will take three months to reach the modern-day sacred site of many artists across the world - the Venice Biennale.

This panel discussion, co-curated by Nick Wong, will allow the audience to partake in Schrag's experience as he skypes in from his current location on the route, and discusses important concepts through the context of his journey. Barbara Steveni (Artist Placement Group and Shadow Curator for Lure of the Lost), Lucy Byatt, (Director of Hospitalfield Arts and Curator for the 2015 representation of Scotland + Venice) and Rev. Sarah Murray of Christ Church, Huntly will be in conversation with Schrag.
David Harding, founder of the Environmental Arts course at Glasgow School of Art, will chair this event, bringing into focus issues of modern day sacred sites and contemporary pilgrimages; as well as the value of large biennials for artists, curators, communities and nations. Reserve a place.

Participants are invited to join a pilgrimage walk the next day starting at St Anthony's chapel, passing sacred and non-sacred sites to Rosslyn Chapel. This parkour-style walk is devised by artist Andrea Geile and will take ca. 4-5 hours. Return by public transport.
This walk requires reasonable fitness. However, no need to pass difficult hurdles! Bring sturdy shoes, water proofs and packed lunch. Book here.

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