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Cooking in a Cataclysm

Fri 6 Sept, 6 - 8pm, 8 Castle St.

An evening tasting thought-provoking food

Part of Huntly Hairst 2019

War! Plagues! Brexit!

At the moment we shouldn’t panic too much, but we could easily be facing the prospect of an imminent cataclysm, and for those of us with a love of fine food, this is worrying. What do you do when the supermarket shelves are empty of food and the only larder is the local swamp or hedgerow?

Questions such as this have not been lost on the Domestic Godless, who, from their kitchen/laboratory in County Cork, Ireland, have worked on these problems, producing astonishing results. For example, how can a little selective breeding turn an agricultural pest into a gastronomic delicacy? How can an Andean root thwart an unwanted population boom and combat predatory sexual behaviour in men, yet at the same time inspire the next generation of alcopops? Or how does one turn a post-industrial swathe of tidal estuary into a nutritious and moreish cup-a-soup? Regardless of having been ostracised by both the culinary establishment and scientific community, the Domestic Godless, over the past sixteen years, have built up a loyal but misguided following.

For one night only, Stephen Brandes (founder and one third of the group), will give a presentation on this subject, replete with a number of delicacies for you to taste from the Domestic Godless’ repertoire. 

Booking essential.

Note: for obvious reasons, persons with particular allergy or dietary requirements unfortunately cannot be accommodated for food-wise. Nevertheless they won’t get hurt during the presentation.

Stephen Brandes is one third of the Domestic Godless, an absurdist food/art collective based in County Cork, Ireland. Established in 2003, it has been their mission to explore the potential of food (its taste, its presentation, its history and its cultural values) as a vehicle for irreverent artistic endeavour and experimentation.

Most recent projects have included: “Café Abyss”, Waltham Forest Borough of Culture, London, 2019; “Café Abyss”, Athens Biennale, Athens, 2018; “The Food, the Bad and the Ugly”, Galway International Arts Festival, 2018 and the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 2017.

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