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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Doric Language Class

22nd Jan - 12 March

Div ye ken yer mither tongue? Div ye want to learn the Doric?

Whether you’re new to the North-East or hae bade here aa yer days, ye’ll ken fine that we hae a unique wye o spikkin. Did you know that 'the Doric' is a rich and unique dialect of the Scots Language, one of the largest minority languages in Europe?
In this class, Herald and National columnist Alistair Heather will develop your understanding and working knowledge of the rich literature of the language, with particular focus on the talented writers and performers of the North-East. No former experience is required; the course is accessible by Doric-, Scots- and English-speakers alike.
The classes will be focused on production; exploring language by producing podcasts, videos, writing and other forms of self-expression and self-representation in North-East Scots, aka the Doric. Opportunities for publication will be highlighted, and participants encouraged to publish their work.
This class is being hosted by Deveron Projects, in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen’s Elphinstone Institute, which aims to promote Scots and Doric language and culture.
Course details
8 week course on Tuesday evenings, starting 22 January 2018
6-7.30pm, with a break for a fly cup 
Tutor: Alistair Heather, Elphinstone Institute
Location: 8 Castle Street, Huntly
Course fees
£60 Employed rate
£40 Unwaged, OAP, student
Bursaries available - please contact to enquire if you are eligible.
Booking via Eventbrite page, or by calling Deveron Projects on 01466 794494.

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