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What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

Energy Walk

Sat 4 March, 1pm, Huntly Square

with Andrea Geile

Andrea Geile's project, Energised Landscape, is a contemporary examination of energy sources, sites and consequences.

Andrea will lead this 10 mile Energy Walk from Huntly Square through the Bin Forest and back to Huntly along the River Deveron, telling us about energy sites and sharing homemade energy food. Use this as Slow Marathon training and sign up for the 26 mile walk in April!

We will have a stall at Huntly Farmer's Market on Huntly Square between 9am and 12.30pm, where Andrea will be making 'real energy food'. Come see us before the walk!

Free / Booking Advised / Bring Packed Lunch & Sturdy Shoes

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