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What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?


18 March 2012, 11am. Empty Shop, Huntly.

The discussion Walk Sans Frontières (literally translated Without Borders) accompanies the Slow Marathon walking action by Ethiopian Artist Mihret Kebede.

Kebede’s work prompts reflection on the contradiction between appeals to slow travel in the face of climate crisis and the reality that many face: a world of closed borders and visa restrictions. Not all are free to walk where they want or when they want. What frontiers do each of us face when we walk? How have or might they be overcome? How can walking shift or erase borders – whether physical, psychological, economic or geographical? Where can walking take us? Chair: Deirdre Heddon, University of Glasgow Venue: Empty Shop, Bogie Street corner New Road, Huntly Please book your place if you want to take part (limited seating available).

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