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Why don't we have a gallery? Why don't we have a gallery?

Family Snow Shoe and Man Walk

Sun Jan 20th 2013, Meet 10am The Square, Huntly

Join us for World Snow Day

Join us for World Snow Day.
We will be doing a Snow Shoe walk up the Clashmach hill with the whole family and build a giant snowman on top.

To find out more about World Snow Day visit

Meet 10 am on Huntly Square.
If there is enough snow you can borrow some snow shoes from us, we have limited pairs so please book in advance (first come first served) or bring your own snow shoes.
Book: 01466 794494 or
Dress appropriately and in the event of bad weather (i.e. no-snow) we will still walk in regular shoes!
We look forward to celebrating with you on World Snow Day!

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