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Field Notes on Surviving the Future

Thu 26 Oct, 7.30pm, Brander Building

Talks and films on living with climate change

Climate change is a pretty enormous topic. Where do we even begin to relate it to our own situations and daily lives? Often it is easier just to simply ignore.  Field Notes on Surviving the Future is a series of talks and films which aims to help us unravel some of the complexities related to climate change and to try and situate some of the issues within our own daily lives. The series will look back into history and travel into the future so that we might act better now. It is run by our Town is the Garden team.

Our first talk is with Dr Leslie Mabon, who will talk on what the future might hold for Huntly and the north east, and what we can do about it. What are the implications of climate change for our town, how will this effect our daily lives and what actions can we take to have more control in transitioning to a sustainable future. 

Dr Leslie Mabon is a social scientist with an interest in how people understand and respond to change and risk in the environment. He is especially interested in researching how environmental change can affect society and culture, and in understanding solutions to environmental problems that help the most vulnerable members of society. Leslie's current case studies include the future of Aberdeen after the oil industry; fishing communities in Japan following the Fukushima nuclear accident; and adapting to climate change via green infrastructure planning in Asian cities.


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