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The Town Is The Venue
Have you visited the Town Collection? Have you visited the Town Collection?


Wed, 12 - 1.30pm, 8 Castle St. Huntly

A monthly reading group with the Town is the Garden

Field Notes on Surviving the Future* (FN-SF**) is a monthly reading group considering issues around the current ecological crisis. It is a meander through a series of texts and ideas, in the hope that thinking together may help us pay better attention to the entanglement of human and more-than-human worlds. Each month we will read and talk about texts on themes such as the climate crisis, different ontologies, sustainability and resilience, agriculture, political economy and more.

Wed 7 August, 7pm, 8 Castle St.
Reading Towards Action entangles FN-SF: A special edition of the Town is the Garden FN-SF reading group, considering Geddes' The Sociology of Autumn, and a complementary lesson plan, Designing a Multispecies Commons, in relation to one of Huntly's existing orchards. Reading available on website.

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*The title of the series is inspired by David Fleming's Lean Logic
And Donna Haraway's SF (science fiction, speculative fabulation...)


/ S o i l
Wed 18 July
The Landscape Below: Soil, Soul and Agriculture, Bruce C Ball (selected chapters)
Matters of Care: Speculative Ethics in More than Human Worlds, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa. Chapter 5, Soil Times.

//Harvest Break//

/ S o i l
Wed 12 Sept
Text: Soil: Our Common Ground, Rebecca Lines-Kelly

/ L i c h e n s
Wed 26 Sept
Text: Establishing New Worlds, Anne Pringle. From Arts of Living in a Damaged Planet

/ B e g i n n i n g s o f E c o l o g y 1
Wed 10 Oct
Text: Prologue & Chapter 2: The Invention of Nature, Andrea Wulf on Alexander Von Humboldt

/ B e g i n n i n g s o f E c o l o g y 2
Wed 24 Oct
Text: Extracts from Cosmos Vol 2 Alexander Von Humboldt

/ U r b a n S o i l s 
Wed 7 Nov

Text: Introduction: The Lure of Pedogenesis: An Anthropological Foray into Making Urban Soils in Contemporary France. Germain Meulemans

/ S o i l F i c t i o n s
Wed 21 Nov
Text: 'The Lure of Soil(s) Fictions: Collaborations in Art, Anthropology and the Soil Sciences' (Chapter 7 from The Lure of Pedogenesis) Germain Meulemans

/ E d g e s o f E c o l o g y 1
Wed 5 Dec
Text: Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto

/ E d g e s o f E c o l o g y 2
Wed 19 Dec
Text: "Big Foot and the Termites: Remaking community and care at an old design school", Zoy Anastassakis


/ C L I M A T E C R I S I S
Wed 16 Jan
Text: Roy Scranton, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization, Introduction and chapter 2 A Wicked Problem   

Wed 30 Jan
Texts: T.J. Demos, To Save a World: Geoengineering, Conflictual Futurisms, and the Unthinkable
And Claire Sagan, Ending the Anthropocene 

/ D I F F E R E N C E
Wed 13 Feb
Text: Marisol De La Cadena, 2015 'Uncommoning Nature'

Wed 27 Feb
Texts: Zoe Todd 'Indigenizing the Anthropocene', in Art in the Anthropocene 
And Hall, Laura. 2015. "My Mother’s Garden: Aesthetics, Indigenous Renewal, and Creativity", in Art in the Anthropocene

/ S P E C U L A T I V E F I C T I O N 
In collaboration with Huntly Writers
NB Time Change to 1230 - 1330
Through the FN-SF reading group sessions we have begun to question how the narratives we use to talk and think about our world, and in particular the ecological catastrophes we are experiencing, affect our ability to respond and act. So in March we are hosting two sessions on collectively imagining and writing our own stories. 

Wed 13 Mar
Text: Ursula Le Guin 'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction'
And Ben Mali Macfadyen The White Wood Story

Wed 27 Mar
During this session we will not be reading, but writing our own facilitated collective speculative fiction.The theme is food, the questions are: How could Huntly become an ecologically sustainable community overnight? What would this look like? How could it happen?   

/ A G R I C U L T U R E
Wed 10 Apr
Text:  David Crouch and Colin Ward The Allotment  Chap 4." Town Gardens"
And: Vandana Shiva 1991. The Green Revolution in the Punjab. The Ecologist 21(2), 57-60.

Wed 24 Apr
Text: William Hoffman, "Ecosystems, Food Crops, and Bioscience: A Symbiosis for the Anthropocene"

/ S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y
Wed 8 May
Video: Tim Ingold "The Sustainability of Everything"

Wed 22 May
Text: Arturo Escobar "Sustaining the Pluriverse: The Political Ontologies of Territorial Struggles in Latin America"

/ Q U E E R E C O L O G Y
Wed 5 Jun
Text:  Kate Sandilands "A Very Queer Nature"

Wed 19 Jun
Text: Wendy Harcourt, Sacha Knox and Tara Tabassi "World-wise otherwise stories for our endtimes: conversations on queer ecologies"

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