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The Town Is The Venue
Why don't we have a gallery? Why don't we have a gallery?

Lure of the Lost: Forth Road Bridge Walk

Sat 20 June, 2pm, Edinburgh

Join Anthony Schrag's Contemporary Pilgrimage

Anthony Schrag will be walking through Edinburgh as he progresses on his Contemporary Pilgirmage, Lure of the Lost.  Join him as he crosses the Forth Road Bridge and into Edinburgh city centre.

Meet Anthony: 2pm North East side of Forth Road bridge.(North Queensferry side). Anthony will be coming on the walk from Burnt. Watch out for him. He says 'you wont be abe to miss him!'

Bus 55: PU Bus stop from Princes Street. Walk over to East side.

Please keep an eye on the Deveron Arts facebook page to confirm time/location of this walk. 
You can also support the Contemporary Pilgrimage here. 

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