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What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?

Friday Lunch: An Alternative History of Strathbogie

Fri 6 Apr, 1pm, No.11 Gordon Street

with Janet Starkey

This talk will present an alternative history of Huntly and district that is different from the more conventional or official emphasis on dates, administration and politics. The talk will take a long view of Strathbogie’s domestic and culinary history and traditions from earliest timesfrom Roman goblets to medieval pilgrimages to holy wells, from monastic feasts to times of famine, from eighteenth-century school dinners to migrations to parts of the British Empire — wherever memories recreate our senses of hospitality and hame. 
The talk will then turn to the 1910s, the time just before the First World War, with tales of charities and churches, aeroplanes and suffragettes. It will include the contributions made by tenant farmers, tradesmen and lairds to food production and sustainability that might yet be pertinent today and raise questions about the life of women at a time when they were beginning to enter the historically visible public stage.
All welcome. Suggested donation £2. 

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