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Friday Lunch: Art, Curation & Palestine

Fri 31 March, 1pm, Brander Kitchen

With Vera Tamari

As part of our programme of Skype talks from those who will never be able to visit Deveron Projects, due to political, social or mobility restrictions, Vera Tamari joins us to talk about her career in the arts, spanning 45 years. 23 of these years were spent teaching Islamic Art and Architecture at Birzeit University, in Palestine, where she was born and raised. Vera established Birzeit University Museum, a thriving cultural space in Palestine, and the Virtual Gallery, an interactive website for Palestinian Art.

Originally training in ceramics, Vera boasts a successful career in art history, education, curation and activism.
'The motivation in my personal art work as artist from the simplest wheel thrown pot, to the most sophisticated conceptual work, as manifested in “Going for a Ride?” (an art installation of cars crushed by the Israeli tanks in their incursion into Ramallah in 2002)'

All welcome for lunch, talk and discussion.

Suggested Donation: £2

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