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Friday Lunch: Artist talk - Threads & Circles - a project with flax

Fri 5 April, 1pm, Brander Kitchen

with Christine Borland

Christine Borland is an artist living and working in Argyll who makes large sculptural projects for exhibitions and outdoor spaces. Her works and research explore our physical and psychological sense of self in negotiation with institutions of learning, history, science and health-care and justice. After seeing the artefacts in the former Brander Museum which document Huntly’s thriving eighteenth century linen industry, Christine has embarked on researching this heritage and its subsequent decline, through growing, harvesting and processing the flax plant. Her enquiry, alongside a community of interested local growers and craftspeople, considers the alchemy of turning a simple plant into the finest bed linen, dress lace or a burial shroud.

You can find more about her works here.

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