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Friday Lunch: Ecopoetics

Fri 24 February, 1pm, Brander Kitchen

with Alan Macpherson

Alan Macpherson is a freelance writer, teacher, and PhD candidate in contemporary literature and visual culture at the University of Aberdeen. He lives in Huntly with his wife and daughter.

Jonathan Bate coined the term 'ecopoetics' in his celebrated book, The Song of the Earth (2000). For Bate, ecopoetics describes the act of articulating the experience of 'dwelling with the earth'. Recently, Alan has been thinking about the term in an expanded sense, and about what that definition might mean in relation to the current ecological crisis. Rather than a lecture format, this short talk aims to pose questions about how we might understand and apply ecopoetics, in order to facilitate discussion among the group.

All welcome for lunch, talk and discussion.

Suggested Donation: £2

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