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What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Friday Lunch: Exploring Difference

Fri 23 Mar, 1pm, No.11 Gordon Street

Skype talk with Alecia Neo

Alecia will share her on-going projects which usually evolve from interactions with the neighbourhoods and people among which she is working, including Unseen: Constellations which provides a platform for youths living with visual-impairment to explore their future selves through creative processes led by the artist and a team of dedicated mentors. Through the diverse worlds of these youth and collaborators, the project engages and documents the intimate relationships between art and experience. It stages the complex axes of engagement that can be reimagined between artist and community, medium and interaction, between art and audience. The ultimate revelation is symbology – a constellation — of the ties that bind public and private agents in the living of lives, and of dreams. 

Alecia Neo is an artist based in Singapore, who has been developing projects with communities living with visual-impairment since 2012. Working together with project participants and a diverse range of collaborators, they explore how meaning and personal narratives are translated in the absence of sight. She is also an Artist Lead with Brack, a trans-border arts platform for socially engaged artists.

All Welcome. Suggested Donation: £2

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