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Friday Lunch: The Future of Farming in Rhynie

Fri 9 Feb, 1pm - No.11 Gordon Street

With Alastair WIlson

People are starving. Food riots in every city in the UK.
Society on the verg of breaking down.
Armed guards protecting crops.
NHS collapsed fifty years ago,under the presure of diet related illness.
Crime Is rife. Only the richest can afford sufficient food.
Farms no longer able to grow crops, soil dead. Desertfication affecting parts of South England.

As you can read in these few lines, Alistair Wilson, farmer in the Rhynie area, foresees a not-so-happy future for us, if we don't change the way we grow food. Alistair will tell us more about his farm, and he will explain why he thinks our current farming system could be responsible for a scenario similar to the one he portrayed through the words above.
Please, come and join us for lunch and for a discussion about a more sustainable farming system.

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