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What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Lunchtime Talk: Matluba Khan

Fri 4th of March, 1pm, Deveron Arts Office

Thinker in residence hosts Friday lunch

All welcome for lunch and discussion. Cost: £2

Come join us for lunch this Friday, when our thinker in residence Matluba Khan will be explaining the basis of her PhD in landscape architecture. Through her research, she aims to create phyiscal environments which are more conducive to children's commitment to learning at a primary level.

In her own words, "The drop-out rate of children in primary schools in developing countries, and in some developed countries too, is high. Through my research I try to address this grave issue from a different perspective - to attract children towards schools through the creation of an environment that will enhance their learning experience and therefore motivate them to learn." Part of Matluba's research included designing and developing a schoolyard in rural Bangladesh. Come to the Brander building for Friday lunch at 1pm, and hear her fascinating and inspiring account!

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