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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Friday Lunch: Working with New Scots: Tales of emotional labour

Fri 5 July 2019

with Lucia Ruggerone and Iris Altenberger

A team of two social scientists, Iris and Lucia, with artist Charles undertook a study into the experience of professionals working with New Scots in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. They interviewed 8 workers that have been or currently are involved in projects of resettlement of Syrian refugees in the area.

What is Friday lunch? 

The sharing of food is a great leveller. On Fridays, we invite people to speak about topics that relate to art, their travels, gardening and other walks of life. At 1pm our little team, along with artists and whoever else wants to join us, have lunch together. Normally we cook vegetarian and attempt to use local produce – from our garden when possible. Visitors make a suggested contribution of £2. All are welcome!

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