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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?

Gift / Swap / Share

Every Fri, 9.30am - 5.30pm, No.11 Gordon St.

A food sharing scheme

An honesty shop with a difference. How can we better share resources within our community?

The Gift / Swap / Share shop is an attempt to deal with gluts of food, excesses in production and harvesting wild food in season. It is about creating a community of exchange, an alternative economy. 

Or in other words, bring along whatever you have spare to add to our shop, a glut of beans or a jar of chutney. Take what you want, pay what you can (or pay nothing). Any donations left will go back into the garden or will be donated to the local food bank.

Every week we will add in whatever we have growing in the garden or whatever we've been making in the kitchen.

Lets not see food go to waste!


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