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Global Potlatch Supper

Sat 1 Sep / 6 - 8pm / Pensioners’ Hall, Huntly

Part of the Huntly Hairst

Our multicultural dinner and discussion event explores the global web of food production, trade, and how our actions inform not only the evolution of our home food culture but that of distant people and places.

Representatives from across the spectrum of global farming, growing, food production and food culture will introduce their local dilemma around the politics of food. What effects do our food fashions have on the growers and economies supplying our couscous, coffee, or beef? How does this relate to our local agriculture and the price of fish? Food miles, world poverty, availability/sustainability, and seasonal limitations: what informs your choices as a chef or home cook?

Ceilidh dance at the end!

Venue: Pensioners’ Hall, Church Street, Huntly
Tickets £5; Booking essential 

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