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What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Halloween in Huntly

31 October - 2 November, Huntly

A weekend of Halloween celebrations in Huntly

Friday 31st October
 5-8pm - Battlehill
   Haunted Hytti
  Food, music and spooky stories

Saturday 1st November
 9am - Farmers' Market, Huntly Square
   Apple pressing with Deveron Arts  (please bring to The Square any spare apples and bottles)

 5pm - Huntly Castle
   Dudendance Borderlands (featuring Aurora Choir and soundscape by Fabiana Galante)
   Huntly and district pipe band parade
   Inspire pizza oven

  6.45pm - Stewarts Hall 
    Fancy dress competition
    Creepy Ceilidh (following the competition) with the Strathspey fiddlers and Rhynie woman

Sunday 2nd November
  2pm - ExServicemen's club
    Dudendance celebrates 30 years. Talk and discussion with Anne Duden, Fabiana Galante and Rupert Thomson 

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