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What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

The Healing Landscape

Tues 22 May, 1-3pm, No.11 Gordon St

Calming herbs workshop for parents and toddlers

Join professional forager, Eleanor Brown, and artist Rachel Ashton, in a relaxed workshop over tea and cake.

Eleanor will introduce us to calming forageable herbs and how they can help support general wellbeing, healthy digestion, and a relaxed state of mind. Meet the wild aromatics and hear some stories of how they have been keeping us calm for thousands of years. 

There will be a tea tasting of aromatic herbs and how to infuse them as simples and blends, and a workshop to make your own calming balm, which can be applied to your temples, or to your child's feet.

All the herbs you will try are gentle and can be used for your children too. 

After tea and cake, Rachel will lead a relaxing drawing session, where parents and toddlers can express themselves through the drawing of the herbs. Rachel has been gathering and drawing healing herbs as part of her recent residency at Deveron Projects, Walking Without Walls, culminating in last month's Slow Marathon and current exhibition at The Ethical Gift Shop, Duke St.

This event is a collaboration between Deveron Projects and local Community Health staff, as part of the Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival (16-22 May 2018).

The workshop is free but booking is advised - contact Petra, Art & Community Worker,, 01466 794494, to book your place.

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