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The Town Is The Venue
Why don't we have a gallery? Why don't we have a gallery?

The Huntly Hairst

Sat 2nd Sept, 9am - 9pm, The Square

with The Town Is The Garden

As part of this year's Hairst, our Town is the Garden team has organised a series of activities to celebrate the harvest and think about its future. 

TITG Hairst Kitchen and Library, 10am - 1pm, The Square: A pop-up hairst kitchen experimenting with different ways to preserve the harvest and make the most of the produce available. With live demonstrations of all sorts of pickles, ferments and other preserving processes. Bring along anything you have a glut of to contribute to the preserve making.  

The Future Hairst, 2pm, The Square: A discussion on building resilient food systems and economies. How might we need to adapt, change or redevelop these systems to deal with climate change? What is the future for the local farming industry? With Lorna Patterson from the National Farmers' Union, David Watts lecturer in Human Geography at Aberdeen University, and James Reidfrom Tap O' Noth Farm. 

Pit Fire Cooking Party! 7pm, The Brander Garden: A feast of pit fire cooked vegetables grown through our project so far. With help from One Seed Forward, who supplied us with all the seed tatties. You can bring vegetables to our stall during the day, which we will cook later on at the pit fire. If anyone wants to help with the actual preparation of the pit fire then meet at our office at 5pm.

Organised by the Brander Library:
Book Launch and Talk, 11:30am, The Brander Library: Janet Starkey will talk about her new book Strathbogie, the Gordons and the 'Land o' Cakes'; The story of  The Huntly Cookery Book. Janet will also have a stall next to ours where you can buy the book and find out more about her research. We will be trying out some of the recipes from the book too.

Find out what else is happening at the Hairst:

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