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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Huntly Hairst 2019

Fri 6 & Sat 7 Sept, Huntly

Our programme for the annual harvest festival

The Huntly Hairst is an annual festival celebrating the food and local traditions of Aberdeenshire. It takes the form of an extended farmers market, occupying the town square and central streets, with over 50 stalls showcasing the best of local produce, cookery demonstrations and competitions, including The World Stovies Championship, and Huntly's Room to Run event. 

Our programme:

Cooking in Cataclysm
Fri 6 Sept, 6 - 8pm, 8 Castle St.
An evening of experimental, thought-provoking food with Stephen Brandes (Domestic Godless), exploring our future food prospects in the ruins of capitalism.  Anyone for a post-industrial swathe of tidal estuary turned into a nutritious and moreish cup-a-soup? Find out more.
Free to attend / booking essential.

Future Fruit Stall
Sat 7 Sept, 9am - 4pm, The Square
Artists Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins takeover our stall with their Future Fruit project, which has been considering how an existing orchard can be rethought in response to our current ecological and climate emergency. Activities will include creating a fruit map of Huntly, screenprinting and tasting sessions. We will also be launching a new publication, Global Potlatch Recipe Book, created from last year's event at the Hairst, Global Potlatch Supper

People's Assembly: Huntly Food Plan
Sat 7 Sept, 1.30pm, next to the Future Fruit Stall (look for the bales)
A people's assembly is " a way for a group of people to discuss issues or make decisions collectively, where all voices are heard and valued equally and no one person or group are able to dominate the process. Assemblies can be a form of direct action if they are being held in a space designed to be disruptive or during occupations." We are going to adapt the assembly method to organise a discussion and visioning exercise on developing a food plan for Huntly. A food plan can function like a tool, enabling individuals, communities and organisations, to examine how they can influence the food system and where they can take action.  Can we imagine a fairer, more sustainable food system for Huntly? Can we turn this into action? Free to attend / all welcome.

Food For Free: Foraging Walk with Leanne Townsend (Wild Food Stories)
Sun 8 Sept, 2pm, Leith Hall
Join Leanne on a foraging walk in the grounds of Leith hall and find out what tasty things are on offer in late summer.
Over this two-hour foraging course, you will be introduced to the art of foraging for wild foods. You will learn how to safely identify a range of edible plants and fungi found in the abundant countryside. We will cover foraging ethics, safety and good practice, sustainable harvesting methods and tips for cooking with wild foods. We will finish the course with some tasters of food and drink made with wild ingredients. Free to attend / all welcome. Booking essential.

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