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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Isla Marathon Walk

Sat 16 Jun, 7.00am, Huntly Square

part of the Moray Outdoor & Walking Festival

Slow Marathon, co-concepted with Ethiopian artist Mihret Kebede in 2012, is an annual marathon length walking event, always leading to Huntly. Celebrating the human pace, it is both an endurance event as well as a poetic act that brings together friendship, physical activity and an appreciation of our varied landscape.

Part of the Moray Outdoor and Walking Festival, this marathon length walks was first tested during the annual Huntly Walking without Walls Slow Marathon in April 2018. It leads us along the river Isla from a place near Dufftown via Keith to Huntly. On the way we will see many different features of natural and historic interest, including Loch Park, Bitrophie Church, Balloch and Bin forest, as well as the White Wood - a living monument to peace.

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Note: while this route is relatively easy terrain, a marathon length walk is a strenuous undertaking. Good general fitness is required.
Terrain: Mix of forest track and rough uneven ground.
Bring: Morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch. Plenty of water! Check our walking guide on our website.

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