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The Town Is The Venue
How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

The Last Season

Thurs 18 Oct, 7pm, 8 Castle St.

A film screening

Amid the bustling world of central Oregon’s wild mushroom hunting camps, the lives of two former soldiers intersect. Roger, a 75 year-old sniper with the us special forces in Vietnam, and Kouy, a 46 year-old platoon leader of Cambodia’s khmer freedom fighters who battled the khmer rouge, come together each fall to hunt the elusive matsutake mushroom, a rare mushroom prized in Japanese culture and cuisine. However, the pair discover more than just mushrooms in the woods: they find a new life, and livelihood; and, a means to slowly heal the scarring wounds of war. Told over the course of one matsutake mushroom season, the last season is a journey into the woods, into the memory of war and survival, telling a story of family from an unexpected place. Check out the trailer here and read more about the film here.

Join us for the screening and discussion / free to attend.

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