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What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Lunchtime Talk: Anne Murray

Fri 27 November, 1pm, Deveron Arts Office

Welcome Home Rhynie Man

All Welcome for lunch and discussion. Cost: £1.50

Anne Murray is an artist who works in ceramics, printmaking and placemaking. Along with musician Jake Williams, Anne worked with Deveron Arts between winter 2012 and summer 2013. Each walked a different way of the River Deveron. Anne's With the Flow project involved a series of walks and a publication, available in the Deveron Arts Shop.

Anne has recently completed a Masters at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and will be talking about her project Welcome Home Rhynie Man. A six foot tall boulder, uncovered in 1978, the Rhynie Man's persona has been appropriated by Anne through a blog, Twitter, film and various events. Join us for lunch and discussion to find out more about this recent project.

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