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Lunchtime Talk: A taste of Taiji

Fri 10 June, 1pm, Deveron Arts Office

with You Li

You Li (Yoyo) is from Chongqing, China. She has started her Martial Arts journey at the age of 13 and won various medals in the Chen Style Taiji at 10th Hong Kong International Wushu Championship. Her Chen Style Taiji Sword has gained her the first place, and the certificate of National 1st class social PE instructor (China). She has been the Taiji instructor at the Confucius Institute at University of Aberdeen.

You Li will talk to us about Taiji, giving us the opportunity to have a try of simple practicing Taiji after lunch.

Find more through her Taiji video: Taiji quan, Taiji Sword and Taiji Spear

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