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Have you visited the Town Collection? Have you visited the Town Collection?

The Macduff Loaf

Wed 21 Mar, 8pm, No.11 Gordon St.

A film screening

Join us for a screening of Katy Stewart's film The Macduff Loaf, commissioned by the Macduff Revival project. Bring along a snack to share.

On the film:

"At the heart of everyday life, the familiarity of bread and butter hides the complexity of ecological and social relations from which both are produced. The aim of my project was straightforward: to bake a local loaf of bread. I would find some wheat from a farm near Macduff and then find a way to have it milled before baking it into bread with Macduff residents. Almost immediately, the complications arrived. This film is the story of the Macduff loaf, its complications and the people met along the way."


Lovely photos by Anna Vermehren

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