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Nancy Mteki ended her project with a sharing lunch, an Mbereko walk and a discussion on the role of toys in childhood.

To mark the end of Nancy Mteki's Mbereko project, researching the delights and issues surrounding maternity and childhood, Nancy, in collaboration with local artist Norma D Hunter, hosted a farewell indoor picnic lunch with the local mothers and toddlers she has built relationships with during her residency. These mothers were then given the opportunity to try the Mbereko - carrying their baby on their back using a cloth - for a walk to our empty shop. Here the mothers and children participated in a workshop to make dolls from recycled materials and engaged in a conversation with two experts on the role of toys in childhood. The day was enjoyed by all, and a lively debate on toys and their uses ensued.

To find out more about Nancy's project visiti her artist page Mbereko.

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