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Aeons and Apple Trees

Sat 17 Aug, 10am, Community Orchard, The Meadows, Huntly

A morning of family friendly walks

Join artists in residence Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins, and their baby Ben, for a morning of family friendly walks at the community orchard. The walks will trace a journey from deep time to the future now:

10 - 10.45am Cosmic Walk: A walk through deep time from the big bang to the present led by Aberdeenshire-born polymath Patrick Geddes.
11.15am - 12.15pm Biodiversity Walk: A walk exploring the meadows area insect and plant life with John Malster. 
10am - 12.30pm Labyrinth Walk: A reflective walk connecting the past and the present with future possibilities. 
All day: seasonal refreshments and soup.

Free to attend / all welcome

How to find the orchard:

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