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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Midweek Minor Path Bashing

Wed 11 July, 12-2pm, meeting in the Brander Garden

Opening up overgrown walkers paths.

Nearly six years on from Alan Macpherson's Minor Paths project, we'll be retracing his footsteps and formalising the legacy of the Minor Path. Through repetitive walking and literally bashing the accumulation of summer weeds, we will reclaim this overgrown and bonnie path. Meeting in the Brander Garden, we'll be walking to the start of the Minor Path near the train station. The Minor Path spans a 1km stretch of the banks of the River Bogie, running from the train station to Gladstone Park. Bring walking boots/study footwear, long trousers, gloves, and a strong stick! 

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