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Migration + Borders

Fri 24 Aug, 11am, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Rising nationalism and the role of art

Arts, Borders and Migration is a two-part event with guest artists, policy-makers, political walkers and cooks who will present works responding to increasing border control and nationalist movements.

Migration + Borders is a series of talks with guest artists asking what the international artistic community can do locally, nationally and globally to counter movements encouraging hate, discrimination and isolation across Europe. Framed by Wolfgang TillmansAnti-Brexit Campaign series, the session will highlight various artistic responses to current political situations, including international pathmaking, cross-border digital collaboration and active campaigning.

In discussion:

Almir Koldzic has worked on a range of projects, exhibitions and initiatives including developing the identity and the strategy for the Refugee Week; setting up Platforma Arts and Refugee Network; and most recently co-founding Counterpoints Arts – which is fully focused on engaging with refugees and migrants through arts and cultural programmes. Almir will chair the discussions of the day.

Claudia Zeiske is Director of Deveron Projects and will present her most recent project, Home to Home, detailing a 1800 km responsive pilgrimage walk from Huntly to her childhood home near Munich. With increasing nationalist and anti-European sentiments it becomes increasingly important to talk about positioning in our own country in the wake of Brexit.

Artists’ May Murad, Gaza, and Rachel Ashton, Huntly, have engaged in digital and artistic exchange since Spring 2017 through their project Walking Without Walls and will discuss the importance cross-border collaboration for artistic exchange. 

Bosnian/British filmmaker Samir Mehanović will present his recent documentary, Through Our Eyes, giving a fresh and personal insight into the Syrian conflict.

Iman Tajik is an Iranian artist based in Glasgow, working in installations incorporating video, photography and performance. Iman will explore the concept of ‘performing borders’ in relation to his photographic work and experiences in Calais.

Zozan Yasar is a Kurdish journalist currently working freelance for the BBC. Following the coup d'état in July 2016 in Turkey, Zozan was arrested many times due to her journalistic activity and in 2017 she entered the UK as a politic refugee.

Lunch will be provided by refugee and migrant chefs from food-led venture Küche, who will tell their own stories of encountering complex and emotionally charged borders. 


Talks and discussion £2 (11am - 1pm only) 
Talks and lunch £7 

Venue: Royal Scottish Academy. Booking essential. Tickets available here.

Part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2018. More information on Part 1: Scotland + Europe here

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