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What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Minor Paths

Sunday 26th August, Gladstone Road playpark

Path Reclaiming Action

‘A desire path is a path created by usage, not a pre-determined path’
(Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space).

11am, Sunday 26th August

Gladstone Road playpark

A group of people walking in single file, back and forth along a section of the Bogie Riverbank to reclaim a now underused and overgrown footpath.

Following the walk, around 12:45pm, there will be a picnic and informal conversation around the subject of path-making and art held in the playpark. If it rains we'll go indoors instead.

Note: the line we will be walking is uneven, overgrown and at times close to the river. As such, it is really only suitable for those sure-of-foot. Wear sensible footwear and long trousers & sleeves in case of nettles. All under-16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


There are many such paths in and around Huntly. One of the most obvious is the steep foot-trodden path that ascends the hill just on the Battlehill side of the railway bridge, by the station. It links the road below with the road above, without following the road all the way around. It is a short cut, but not all such foot-trodden paths are. Some don’t lead anywhere at all.

Alan has called these ‘Minor Paths’, and is documenting them as part of his Rite of Way project with Deveron Arts. He would be very interested, and delighted, to hear of any such paths that you know of in Huntly. Perhaps you use one as a short cut. Maybe you used to use one as a child or teenager. Perhaps you are a child or teenager, and know of many secret little ‘minor paths’? He is also equally interested in the personal stories that are connected to these paths.

You can contact Alan at Alternatively you can come and visit him for a chat at the Empty Shop on Bogie Street, or write the details and location of your path on a post-card and drop it in the post-box in the doorway. Look out for him around town, or walking on the paths of Huntly too.

For more info on Alan's project Rite of Way please click here

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